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The Department of Engineering has partnered with the Technology Commercialization Office (TCO) to provide both technical and commercialization education to the students in the bioDesign program. The instructors have relevant medical device experience in industry and have contributed to development of numerous successful new products. The teaching team is comprised of three full time faculty members, two graduate students from Bioengineering and a staff member from the TCO.

bioDesign Team

The bioDesign teaching team from left to right, Monir Parikh (Graduate Student), Kelly Broadhead (Bioengineering Department, Assistant Professor), Bob Hitchcock (Bioengineering Department, Assistant Professor), Tomasz Petelenz (Associate Research Professor), Dan Wright (Laboratory Engineer), Chao Huang (Graduate Student).

As part of the curriculum we require our student teams to adhere to FDA mandated standard operating procedures (SOPs) that were developed for the relevant areas of the design process. By establishing our own internal procedures for this course, we mirror the approach that is taken by industry, thereby exposing our students to current best practices. In addition, the SOPs provide all student design teams with a common interpretation of design control as contained in the Code of Federal Regulations. Utah bioDesign takes advantage of key collaborative resources at the University, provides an avenue for the development of new medical products and trains our students in medical device innovation, design and development. By providing students with unique projects and relevant “real-world” experience we hope to better prepare them for their future careers.

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