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File# Title Inventor
U-4067 Optical Respiratory Flow Meter Richard D. Rabbitt, PhD
Curtis King, PhD
U-4180 Heart Sound Monitoring Device Incorporated into a Pacemaker or Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Andrew D. Michaels, MD
U-4181 Composite Material and Delivery System for Attachment to Damaged or Diseased Tissue to Deliver Nutrients, Growth Factors and Stem Cells G. Russell Reiss, MD
U-4182 Improved Method for Bone Marrow Harvesting and Aspiration Based on a Novel Device G. Russell Reiss, MD
U-4183 Disposable Optically Guided Feeding Tube Not Requiring Radiographic Placement Confirmation John C. Fang, MD
U-4404 Endocapsular Drug Delivery Ring for Intraocular Use Balamurali K. Ambati, MD
Bruce K. Gale, PhD
U-4473 Cardiac Rate Variation Monitor for Neonatal Care Sandra L. Smith, PhD
U-4474 Device for Reconnecting Connective Tissue with More Consistent Outcomes Erik Kubiak, MD
U-4475 Hypotension Leg Cuffs for Wheelchair-Bound Patients Jeffrey P. Rosenbluth, MD
U-4476 Anti-Infective Urinary Catheter Jeffrey P. Rosenbluth, MD
U-4477 Smart Boott Cast for Improved Patient Compliance and Therapeutic Outcome Erik Kubiak, MD
U-4478 Multimodal Tracheostomy Valve Kristin Mosman, MS
U-4804 Arterial Coupler Bruce K. Gale, PhD
Jay Agarwal, MD