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Student Testimonials

Dylan McCreedy

“Beyond the span of the course the project allowed me to pursue possibilities for patent ownership and further develop my skills as an engineer”.

“Approach this class as an opportunity and not as a requirement that needs to be fulfilled”

“I enjoyed the opportunity to work on real problems”

Katie Sargent

“I really liked working as a team. We got to be good friends. Even beyond the team I got to meet a lot of people in the class”.

“He (clinician partner) put more into it more than I expected. He showed a lot of interest. He wanted the project to succeed”

Spencer Clegg

“What a unique opportunity it was to meet and collaborate with clinicians one on one”.

“This course helped prepare me for industry”

Serena Pierce

“I got the opportunity to see a feeding tube placed in a patient. Unlike other courses, in bioDesign I was able to see firsthand how improving a medical device could impact people”

James Kennedy

“ I think the design did more to prepare me to work in industry than any other class I have taken in the bioengineering department. It really focuses on how to be an engineer as opposed to a scientist or researcher. Design is a complicated process, and took until about midway through the second semester, but when I began to understand how the design controls and design process were supposed to work, I begun to be able to see how I could make valuable contributions to a company as a biomedical engineer”.